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Sinead Hegarty
Sinead Hegarty
I am so glad we reached out to Stephanie for help with our son’s sleep. He had been waking multiple times a night, sometimes not getting back to sleep for over an hour. He was also finding it really difficult to settle for naps and had a ‘feed to sleep’ association. Stephanie gave us a detailed sleep plan to tackle this problem and was so helpful and encouraging when we began implementing it. After a few weeks our son now sleeps through the night and can self settle himself to sleep. Before we contacted Stephanie I could not have imagined this was possible. The outcome has been hugely impactful on our lives. This has been a very positive intervention for us and I fully recommend her services!
Reply from 2023.05.01
Thank you Sinead for your very kind words. I have greatly enjoyed working with you and Shane over the past number of weeks. Thank you also for having me in your beautiful home. I am just delighted for you all, as I know how much the transformation in your little mans sleep means to you. I wish you all the very best ❤️

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