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Catherine Tomczak
Catherine Tomczak
I can not even express how happy and amazed I am with the results Miss Belle has achieved from NC K9 LLC. ! She went there a Very reactive girl towards other animals while on walks and out in public settings, and now after her time with the trainers at NC K9 she walks confidently and calmly. Miss Belle is a bit of a princess(aka a Brat) and showed it with her stubbornness but with the amazing work and care from her trainers she learned that her job is to listen to the command and follow when given (not when she feels like doing it 🤣) The training and support and program with NC K9 LLC is definitely one of a kind and is beyond amazing! The training and support goes beyond the time she spent there, it is a lifelong friendship/team to ensure Belle keeps up to her best self. I am so Thankful and grateful that we came across them and used there expertise to help Miss Belle be the best dog she can be! Before Belle would go at her Kitty brothers as if they were her personal chase toy… and now… just look! She enjoys just laying and being by them!

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