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Sharon Standing Bear
Sharon Standing Bear
NC K9 took my 7 month old Pomsky who was ball of out of control energy and worked with her for a month. She lacked focus and would use her hind legs to try to pull me wherever she wanted to go when on a leash or lunge after anything that moved. She returned from training last week with focus and responding to basis commands, including heel. They provided two hours of training for me when I picked her up. They predicted she would test me and try to get away with not responding. How true that was but they gave me the tools and instruction I needed to re-enforce her training. My granddaughter visited the day after I brought her home and said she's like a completely different dog. Over the last week I have become more comfortable with the e-collar and my communication with my dog has improved. We are settling into a daily training pattern and I realize it is my job to maintain all she has learned. It is comforting to know NC K9 us available for additional assistance if and when needed. I highly recommend NC K9. I am thankful I found them and decided to invest in the training. They are worth every penny. Thank you NC K9 so much for all you have taught us. Sharon Standingbear, Fayetteville Update 7/22/2023: Azena is doing well and still has ADHD so she requires diligence on my part. The month of training with NC K9 was priceless and my lifesaver. She was lonely and needed a playmate so we have her half brother, Oz who is a year younger. He is calmer and more laid back. Delivered Oz to NC K9 today. I know they will develop his knowledge of the basics and develop confidence with their consistent training. Can't wait to see his progress. Thanks for listening. Sharon

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