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Jennifer Angel has assisted us in December 2021 to plan the sale of our property in Hayward, California. She presented us a market valuation and comparable. We are so impressed by her presentation and scheduled a meeting soon after via Zoom to close the gap. The process was very easy, and she spoke the language of real estate in the way we understood and not use big words. Our property was being rented at that time, so a lot of pre-planning was needed to make sure that we cover the bases. Jennifer has given me her time and attention and not rush us when we discuss our strategies and approach in the selling process. She has always kept your best interest in mind, not just for the seller but also the purchaser. Our home has a sentimental value to us, she found a wonderful family that bought our home while still preserving the value of the house. Our original plan was to sell the home in Spring of 2022. However, the tenants did not take our offer for cash for keys and decided to end their least instead. By the time my tenants left, the housing market has changed, and interest rates were high. Also, around this time the inventory of homes for sale is also high. We managed to get the home prepared as soon as the tenant left in a month period. Jennifer started staging our home on July 4th, the staging was immaculate. Even I would like to buy my home. The furniture, the design and the theme used for my home staging was high end. Jennifer has kept in contact through the entire process making sure that you are in the loop and updated with information regarding the sale of your home. Inspection and appraisal were done on time. My favorite part of the process is Jennifer's FULL TRANSPARENCY. Jennifer will not hold back and will tell you the information of what it is the way it is. She is very honest, and she has taken pride of her work by telling us everything that we need to know whether it is good news or bad news. Jennifer gave us every information in full disclosure. Jennifer then scheduled the open house immediately the next day on July5th. We received our offer on July 18th. That is FAST. In 30 to 45 days, we had a notary come to our home and we signed the closing documents. The Key to the home was awarded to the new owner and funds were deposited on August 18th. Whether you are selling or buying a home and want a high level of professionalism and results-based accountability, I recommend calling Jennifer Angel., I would highly recommend Jennifer Angel.

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