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Highly recommend Jennifer to all !!! Background - We first tried to sell (with other realtors) our townhome during summer of 2019, Market was very good & supposedly the best time of the year to sell. Renovated our house & did 8 consecutive weekends of open houses, tried two diff set of realtors who claimed to have prospective buyers however, we could not sell. Disappointed, we pulled our house off the market. Since our contact details were already in the system, Realtors from all over started calling us almost on a daily basis. Everyone promising the same (potential buyers in -line to buy our house, Housing market is hot etc). Once bitten twice shy, we were having tough time trusting realtors & decided not to engage with them, even though we had to sell. One fine morning, Jennifer 'Angel' rings our door bell & offered help to sell our house. Assuming she is just another realtor trying to snatch a listing, we didn’t give in easily. Fortunately, because of her calm & professional demeanor she convinced us to show our house to couple of her clients. She did not ask us to either remove extra furniture or do any kind of staging for the viewing. 4-wks down the line, during the peak of Covid-19 when everyone was predicting housing market to crash, Thanks to Jennifer, our house sold ‘as-is’ for a decent price. If you are looking for the best, honest, hard-working and someone to safe-guard your interests, then please go with Jennifer. Our family had so many questions, concerns and Jennifer was always available even after the sale! Once again thank you Jennifer Angel ..!,

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