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From the first time we spoke with Colette Washington, I knew she was the agent to represent my family to sell our family home in Piedmont. Pop moved to Oakland in 1951 and then to Piedmont in 1978 living there for more than 40 years. He used to say it was his last home, the one where he raised his kids into the strong, people-serving adults they have grown into today. We have raised our kids within their grandfather’s home to embrace 48 Ronada Avenue for the home it is. Anyone can live in a house, but the lucky get to live in a family home. After losing Pop in March 2020, we came to the time to pass our home onto a new family. Though they never met, Colette, through our sharing of Pop’s home, garden, and personality came to know him, respect his space, and honor him for the man he was and the home he created. She told me that she felt a connection with him, and she meant it. Colette Washington took us through the process, took the time to help us understand, and really made us feel that she had our best interests in mind with each step of the way. I cannot think that there is a better partner for my family and was so happy to have her be with us to close out Pop’s legacy. Thank you, Colette, for all you have done, above and beyond what most others would do, to help us from more than 700 miles away, make the sale of our home as painless as possible. Finding a new family to carry on the feel of 48 Ronada Avenue was our desire, and you worked to make this a reality. We are forever grateful and are recommending you to all our friends in Oakland and the surrounding area when looking to buy or sell their homes. Thank you…Colette! You truly are the best realtor we could have wished for… Kat Stone, Portland, OR

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