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Zada, Ahmad
Zada, Ahmad
Dear readers, I highly recommend and endorse this gentleman (Asir) to each and everyone of you. He’s dedicated and extremely knowledgeable to his job and has years of experience, that makes him good asset for your home buying experience. He’s absolutely patient and thoughtful gentleman with remarkable amount of insights during your real estate experience. I have passed his info to so many family and friends, hope they get him business soon and I can’t wait to get back in the market and get to have the pleasure to work with this fine gentleman again. Mr Asir Shahim is such a nice guy with good manner, if you get to go up and down during some problematic property deals, he’s gong to be 10/10 all around it for you to make it happen. Good Job Asir! Thanks again! Regards. Shafiq Zada.

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