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Jayant M
Jayant M
As a first time home buyer and a single earner, I had a lot of constraints and needs in regards to location, price and service I would get from an agent. Before I came to Asir, I worked with 2 other agents in South Bay for looking up homes in both south and east bay. Although they were knowledgeable what they lacked was understanding of buyers need, listening to what buyer actually wants and patiently answering the questions which can often be repetitive. This is where Asir excels and goes above and beyond as your agent. His understanding of East Bay area, the location, school district and ability to guide you in right direction without having to use guesstimates for all your answers made home buying process smooth and quick. With market being competitive in 2021, he was successful in negotiating the price for us, going through disclosures in details so you knew what you were getting into and being prompt if you needed guidance or wanted to "revisit" anything. I would highly recommend his services and would do business with him again if I decide to buy another property or sell in future. Thank you-

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