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Poor quality of care. Had multiple issues with fillings and bridge. Poor communication. Rude and arrogant receptionist. AVOID. Missed an appointment due to having COVID and they tried to charge me. (They tried to charge previously for things which I didn't agree to as well) RESPONSE: I recieved no such text message. I am also not entirely sure how legal it is to dicuss anything to do regarding my legally protected file on a google review board. I will be following up data protection in regard to this. My complaint was fundamentally to do with the terrible quality of care and the awful customer service. I think people can see from your awful responses just how terrible this practice is. AVOID if you are reading this as this is just a taste of what you are likely to encounter with this practice. (PS, CLEAN YOUR EQUIPMENT! When you are sat in the chair you can see the grime dripping off the lights, disgusting! ) PPS: Having just looked through Data protection laws. In a dental context, personal information held by a dentist about a patient includes: Information that the individual is or has been a patient of the practice or attended, cancelled or failed to attend an appointment on a certain day Learn the laws that you have to follow!

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