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Doug Beischel
Doug Beischel
Chronic pain right shoulder on and off since my 20’s. Threw my shoulder out 30 years ago throwing a baseball. I’m now 58. Pain getting worse, hurting most of the day, waking me up at night. Can’t go on like this. Treatment option given was a rotator cuff surgery. Couldn’t afford the 3 months recovery time as I’m a dentist with kids in college and staff that support families. Tried this as an alternative to surgery and my pain is now gone. I was super skeptical, not happy about the price it was going to cost so essentially gambled. It worked. I’m pain free. Looking to find a good physiotherapist and building strength again in it. I’ve referred several patients over there as I’m so convinced this is an amazing treatment modality!
Reply from 2023.11.08
There's nothing better than a pain-free lifestyle, and we're pleased to know we were able to help you get there. Thank you for your feedback, Doug! We appreciate you and are happy to help if you ever need anything else.

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