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Vinayak Sakhare
Vinayak Sakhare
Kim is a rare gem to find in Bay Area housing market. We are very lucky that we met Kim in our home buying journey. We wanted our realtor should answer all our questions even if it answered earlier or even if it is silly or simple. During our home buying process not a single time Kim refused to answer any of our question. What separates Kim from other realtors is the end to end service which she provides. Her work starts right from when you meet her till you finally feel everything is right with your home. She is not only knowledgeable in her field but also she is very eager to learn new things. She will give all her attention to minute details about your home and make note of things which needs to be consider. As a first time home buyer, you don't know if the amount you are quoting is right or which house I should offer for. For all these type of questions, you can completely rely on Kim. She will guide you right way. She will make sure, you will get your dream home per your requirements. Words are short to write about Kim. I will recommend each and every one to go with Kim in their dream home journey.

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