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Kimberly was absolutely AMAZING! She kept her eye on the current market, patiently explored all of our options with us, and answered all of our crazy questions. And when the buyer was slacking or dropping the ball, she did everything she could to keep things moving. Every slight change in the market, she was quick to let us know about it & tell us how those changes would affect us. And when it came time for the signing, she sat there and answered all the notary's questions. She managed the staging of our home, hosted the open houses, schedule viewings - all while working around our bizarre schedule. Everything that needed to happen, she made happen & made it happen superbly. Her experience, knowledge, and warm personality proved so invaluable. She really worked hard on our behalf to make sure our property sold for what it was worth, even in a crazy uncertain market! I recommend her to anyone & everyone looking to sell (or buy) and I promise you won't be disappointed!

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