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Hello Realestate Agent seekers, I apologize for the much-too-long review of Christy Betancourt but she deserves nothing less. The home Christy sold for me was my first and only “home selling” experience. I believed Real Estate agents did little more than show the home to potential buyers and simply kept you in the loop. How wrong I was. First, Christy’s communication skills are outstanding. I am a stickler when it comes to verbal/written communication and Christy met and exceeded my expectations every time. Not one time during the entire sale process did I feel I was in the dark or sitting around wondering what was going on. She sent me daily (sometimes hourly) updates about where we were, how we are doing, and always recommend multiple options to resolve any issue. It’s all in the details for me and Christy delivers! Next, I was often taken back at Christy’s ability to make me feel like she was working “on my team” and had my best interest in mind. As a firm believer of the “burden of proof,” the amount of leg work Christy did to help me fix/repair items pre-inspection and final inspection was mind blowing. If any sudden issues came up, Christy always had an answer and offered multiple solutions and price ranges to get things repaired in a timely manner. This was very useful as the home we sold was 36 years old and needed some minor revisions before it was market ready. Then, throughout the bidding process, Christy let me take the bull by the horns and choose the package I was interested in. I might have an uncommon method when it comes to complexities and Christy was more than flexible and supportive during the final stages. After everything she had done in the beginning, I was very satisfied with her ability to carry the load until the end and get the price I was looking for. Anyone can be good at their job, but it takes a special/caring person combined with the deep understanding of client satisfaction to produces the level of satisfaction Christy does. Finally, Christy has a great personality, can-do attitude and great voice on the phone. Six months ago, I had no idea what a Real Estate Agent does on a daily basis, now I know what an exemplary Real Estate Agent does on a daily basis. I am grateful for the experience and wish I had a few more homes for Christy to sale! You want Christy on your team. I can’t recommend her enough. Best, Mat

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