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Todd A
Todd A
Sensoria is a must see if visiting Costa Rica Sensoria is amazing. We were shown several animals as well as educated on the different foliage. Along the trek we made a brief stop in one of the villages and enjoyed a cafe. There they showed us the coffee making process. Warning, the hike is somewhat strenuous! If you are nursing any sort of injury I would not recommend. However I’m sure they have several options available. Also the drive into the tropical rainforest is rough as you can imagine. Pablo was our transportation and our guide. He has only started speaking English 8 months but knows it very well. He did an excellent job of spoting the smallest of animals (thankfully only baby pit vipers hangout below) and also let us smell the sweetest smelling plants. We made 4 stops to experience waterfalls, mineral baths and hot springs. It was a long day but enjoyed every minute. My Wife and I highly recommend. Pablo, the top speed of a windmill is 170 but normal speed is 120.

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