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Melissa Toyryla
Melissa Toyryla
Being a former massage therapist, now RN from NY it seemed only natural that My daughter and I should book a massage. A little relaxation after walking the streets of Florence was much needed. What we got was definitely an experience that neither one of us was prepared for. The atmosphere was beautiful and the smells were calming, everything a spa should be. I wasn’t concerned at this point. The relaxation area was pleasant, lined with lots of books and comfortable lounge chairs to wait for your session. Delicious tea and lemon water were provided to patrons. We even fell asleep for a cat nap before we were called to the private massage therapy rooms. Being a former LMT for 15 years and receiving hundreds of massage over the years, it’s quite easy to know when someone isn’t trained in massage. The massage was interrupted several times with a few ppl coming into the treatment room quietly and leaving again. Being face down doesn’t create hearing loss. The music was turned a few times to a country station that played upbeat country songs. Just as I was about to get up and say something, the music changed again. This happened 3 times!! The actual massage was like an oil rub down and I wouldn’t even say the therapist (?) had a gentle touch. No connection and no massaging. My shower gives better pressure. It was not at all relaxing and I should have left. I blame myself for that. Beware, not at all worth the $200 + euro. In all my years, I have never not tipped a therapist but I wasn’t wasting any of my very hard earned money. Dissatisfied and disappointed. ☹️

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