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Casey H.
Casey H.
BEWARE First let me say, I left a survey review and had a phone call with the company, who said they would refund us. I'm still waiting 2 months later for the refund. Where do I begin? We moved from a two bedroom apartment (walk-on, no stairs) to a single level family home (no stairs). Both approximately 1200 sq ft. Everything had been pre-boxed up and ready to go (minus big furniture - beds, frames, dressers, couch, table, washer/dryer & fridge. The movers were inexperienced, inefficient with time, and did not fulfill duties on the drop off. In addition, they couldn't get our refrigerator inside, we lost all our groceries AND more importantly, we lost about 10 weeks worth of frozen breastmilk for our newborn... to say I was disappointed is a severe understatement. Positive - the phone call to contract them was super easy & the representative was very nice. Cons - the movers were clearly inexperienced, especially watching them try to work angles with furniture. We told them repeatedly how the refrigerator needed to be handled but they ignored us.. got it stuck on move out, couldn't get it inside on move in, and it was tipped over for so long that we couldn't use it for 24 hours. All of this could have been avoided had they listened to us- it's a Samsung bespoke fridge (standard size) but needed the doors to be removed to fit through entry ways. Mind you, everything had been removed from the fridge & stored in coolers so this could be done safely. Nope; we were ignored and then the result was really upsetting. We ended up paying a handy man to come out and help us move it through the door ... which was done in less than 20 min.... Mind you, the 3 movers we paid who were allegedly "highly experienced" couldn't manage this. The inefficiency of the movers DOUBLED the time and money they quoted us for the move... in fact; they never even finished. I called my in laws to help us start unloading the truck because it took so long and we wanted them off the property considering it was 7:30 PM. They started at 9:30 AM. They did not listen to us about aspects of the move that added an unacceptable amount of time and waste to the day. They repeatedly ignored us about reducing wrapping of items, did not accept help/advice or listen to us about moving appliances (fridge or large items). They clearly did not understand angles or how to maneuver objects efficiently. They ended up having to break and remove a fire extinguisher cover/glass to remove our fridge which could've been avoided had they listened to us about dismantling the fridge. We lost hundreds of dollars in food because the fridge was not placed inside because they failed to dismantle the fridge (a second time). In addition, With our 11 week old newborn, we lost a tremendous amount of stored breast milk due to issues with the fridge. We had to pay contractors to come out the following day to finish the job. We were quoted 3-7 hours for the job, and it took almost 10 hours after we just asked them to leave. For the amount of time, not to mention, my family helped unload the truck and furniture to attempt to expedite this process. Your company failed to fulfill its responsibility of the contract. I know I've ranted and repeated things, but this was just such a bummer I can't recommend this company to anyone unless you were literally only moving boxes and no furniture...

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