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Grace Schwartz
Grace Schwartz
I absolutely adore Dr. Zhao and Veronica! I have been coming here for years and years before her but this is a wonderful new management! Dr. Zhao is a genuine, kind, funny, and sunny individual. I feel like she’s constantly getting a look at my teeth because I’m laughing and smiling with her throughout the entire visit. Usually I only get to see her twice a year but luckily have some work done 2023 and she’s masterful. These two ladies are a dynamic duo and incredibly hard workers. If you’re needing a place and you’re on the fence, PLEASE COME HERE! PS Smile Dentistry is a bunch of hacks and tried to scam me out of money. Told me I had 8 cavities and I needed 2 crowns. I came here as a a second opinion and was told I had no cavities and no dentistry work needed to be done. These people are straight shooters that want nothing but the best for you!
Reply from 2023.11.30
Thank you Grace for the kind words, the feeling's mutual! Every time you come to our office, the whole room is lit up with your cheerfulness and laughter. As our highly valued patients, you and people like you inspire and encourage us to provide high quality dental care and caring customer service at Genesis Dental daily. We appreciate your trust and confidence in us and find us also friends to laugh and share life stories with. Christmas is coming, we thought of something for you, coming soon.

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