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Jillian Gregory
Jillian Gregory
I would never in a million years recommend this company. They spent hours upon hours in my yard with several men when the whole job would have taken me alone 2 hours. They went and did the entire easement which I specifically told them not to do. $600 for leaf removal is insane for the size of yard I wanted them to do. Pay attention to the quote they give you because it's all by man hour and that's where they get you with their pricing. Now they want me to share my security videos to show they were in the easement. My actual yard is less about 1/4 an acre. Robbed.
Reply from 2023.12.18
Good afternoon Jillian. As we already shared our crew was only there for 2 hours total with 3 men. We asked you to share your video because you stated that our guys spent several hours doing the easement, we wanted to see how long they spent on that so we could help figure out what to deduct from your bill "even though our recorded phone calls dont have anything from you stating not to do easement". I would say spending hours and hours doing the easement is hard to do considering we were there only 2 total hours on your property. I appreciate you mentioning to pay attention to the quote because we go over this several times with all of our clients so that everyone understands. Again only 2 hours was spent on your property with 3 guys so that would equate to 6 total man hours on site. The size of a lot does not determine how long a job should take. There could be 1 tree or 50 trees or all your neighbors leaves on the property. Thank you for your feedback and we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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