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Danilo M.
Danilo M.
At the worst time, we found ourselves with a clothes dryer that won't dry with 2 huge load of clothes. Now i had to head to the laundromat and scrounge up all my available quarters. And I had to find a repair service. After a quick search I found one but it would cost me $89 just to find out what's wrong. So one more search I found RepairPro who would charge much less and to check and it would be applied to the total cost of fixing. So I agreed and they were able to make an appointment within the following day. The total cost for parts and labor was something I was not ready for. But Lana with whole I spoke was kind enough to bring the cost down a bit. So I paid a deposit for the parts and a few days later the parts arrived and the day after the technician came to fix my dryer. There was a bit of trouble with the timer so the technician had to come back a couple days later. All in all RepairPro treats you like a customer they care about. Paying was easy to via Zelle. Not sure what other appliances they fix but their business attitude will definitely be good with all appliances they work on. Five stars is deserving of this outfit

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