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Celsie Haught
Celsie Haught
I had a deep cleaning done 10 months ago. When I had my consultation in January, to plan the cleaning I was told I wouldn’t be charged out of pocket, and that insurance would cover it. I then go in March for the first half of my deep clean, and after they completed it, I was told I owed $300 for the cleaning. I paid it, and got the second cleaning done, checked at the desk that everything was taken care of for sure that time and I went on about life. I go back in tonight for a consultation to plan for another possible deep clean, but was told I could get a regular cleaning this time. I was assured this regular cleaning would be covered, so I let the tech clean my teeth. I get to the desk, and the lady tells me it’s $84 for my cleaning. I questioned it. And she responded that she was wrong and made a mistake and it was covered. She then brought up my previous cleaning that I paid $300 for and told me I still owe $546 from that visit when I was told before it was just the $300! She said insurance didn’t cover it. What’s the point of them verifying my insurance and telling me a procedure is covered or only costs a certain amount, then 10 months later telling me something different?! I shouldn’t have had to pay the $300 the first time because I was told it’d be covered, but I accepted that and paid it. Then to tell me I now that I owe even more? After I clarified last time that it was taken care of? I guess this is the place to go if you want different answers and prices each visit, and your bill to keep being added to nearly a year after the fact. Go in be seen, and it’s a surprise at the end lol. You think you paid and you’re good? Try again next visit and see what they come Up with. My tech that cleaned me was great though!!! 5 stars for her! I don’t remember her name.

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