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Glen G.
Glen G.
If you read no more than this first sentence, know this: Bonnie is a miracle worker. My elderly mother passed away, leaving me with a condo overflowing with all manner of 'stuff'. Some might have value, most clearly did not. I had already spent most of the past 6 weeks in Florida, living out of hotels, while my mother was in the hospital. She passed and after an additional week of wading through the accumulation in her condo, I had enough. While searching for someone to identity what might have value, my wife found Bonnie, a Coldwell Banker real estate agent with a background in antiques and collectibles. Bonnie came the next day. I explained my dilemma. I wanted to simply hand the keys to someone who would clean out the place, identify and sell what had value, and list the condo for sale. I wanted a quick sale, but I didn't want to give the place away. I wanted to go home. Bonnie's response, "hand me the keys." And so, I did. It was the best decision I ever made. Bonnie and her team emptied the condo and had it cleaned. She listed it for an agreeable price after taking the time to explain the market. We had a cash offer the same day the listing went live, and we closed a few weeks later. And now, a week after the closing, I am anticipating a check for the valuables Bonnie identified. What I thought was going to be a never-ending nightmare turned out to be a dream, all thanks to Bonnie. Bonnie and her team took care of everything, keeping me informed throughout. She answered all my questions, and most importantly, she did what she said she would do. It doesn't get any better than that.

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