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Very good, genuine ingredients These seem very good quality. A lot of Magnesium products are buffered nowadays, which means that they reach their advertised elemental magnesium content by adding cheaper Magnesium oxide to their product. This is far from ideal because magnesium oxide is very poorly absorbed and often causes upset stomachs. These capsules however, appear to be just magnesium citrate which is generally considered to be the most bioavailable form along with magnesium glycinate. You can tell it's genuinely magnesium citrate because the capsules weigh 930 grams each and allowing for the weight of the capsule shell itself (130 grams) the elemental magnesium content of magnesium citrate of around 12%, matches with the advertised content of 100mg per capsule. Speaking of which, the capsules themselves are quite easy to swallow and are all properly filled and intact. Defiinitely ecommended.

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