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russell boakes
russell boakes
My experience concurs with a previous reviewer (Danny Chaplin). They were extra keen to get us signed up but we didn't use the platform much because we didn't find it as useful as they had marketed it. However, the worst thing was their attitude to our subscription and payments. We signed up for a year's subscription and gave them notice - in writing - that we didn't intend to renew. They continued to take our monthly subscription via our card beyond our year's subscription period and we only realised this after they had taken 3 further payments. Obviously I called them about this and they said because I had only given them 27 days notice instead of " the contractually required one month" that I was liable for a whole further years subscription! I called my bank who said this was unacceptable behaviour by them and that they would try to get the surplus 3 months payments back for me. They were unsuccessful with this - probably because they will have played hardball with the bank as well. In the end Nimbus wrote to me to request another final month payment and that they would then cancel the further year's subscription that was "contractually required" and that they had been "lenient and understanding" with me. As the previous reviewer stated: "you have been warned".

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