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Jennifer Halpin
Jennifer Halpin
Cara, who is eight months old, has always been a great napper, but night time was a struggle, until now. We were longing for a good night's sleep when we contacted Stephanie, and it was the best thing we could have done. We no longer felt helpless, going through a list of possible ideas to help Cara go back to sleep and stop crying in the middle of the night. Stephanie gave us strategies and this made the sleep training so, so much easier. We no longer dreaded going to bed. Cara's bedtime routine also became a happy and joyful time, incorporating all the things that would help her prepare for a good night's sleep. Cara's wake times at night decreased significantly with the daily support of Stephanie, who was encouraging and so helpful with any questions we had. After two weeks working with Stephanie, Cara slept for twelve hours straight and she is also able to soothe herself if she has a cry during the night. We are so proud of Cara and so grateful to Stephanie.

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