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Michelle Luken
Michelle Luken
I never thought I'd meet a pediatrician as proactive, communicative, and accessible as Dr. Rafei. Being a healthcare provider myself, I can honestly say Dr. Rafei is a very rare find with a refreshing approach. He sends text messages to check in on my kids after recent sick visits and encourages me and my husband to text or call with any questions any time (and truly means it)! He is quick to set up a Zoom meeting to go over test/imaging results and provides education in a way that's easy to understand and *compassionate*. He truly looks at the whole picture (the kid, family, environment, genetics, etc.) and has a way of anticipating patterns of symptoms and behavior based on all the work he's done with children, especially highly sensitive children. After my kids' first visit, my 7 year old son said "I really like this doctor. He gave me lots of compliments" because Dr. Rafei had such a positive approach. The kids also love his office which is set up like a mini gymnasium. I can't recommend him and his team enough!!
Reply from 2024.01.12
Thank you, Michelle, for your wonderful review and for recognizing Culex Wellness' proactive and compassionate approach. It's truly rewarding to hear how much your family values the care we provide. We're delighted to have made a positive impact on your children's healthcare experience and appreciate your heartfelt recommendation.

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