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simon r
simon r
I was toying between giving them 1 + 2 stars for what they did. I had agreed to buy flats in their development Bishopsgate Gardens in Preston, once I had agreed the price, the market continued to become more active and the estimate rental value increased by c 10% pcm between going under offer and prior to exchange. The in house agent at their office was very good and hands on and kept pushing to try and get matters completed, (he was the reason I gave them 2 stars) at the point of exchange the developer `re financed` which meant unless you were a cash buyer no lender would lend on the scheme for the next 6 months. Whilst they immediately paid me back my significant non refundable deposits they requested (more than 2% of the value), they left me over £2000 out of pocket on legal costs etc. what makes matters worst, my business partner was offered one in that development the next day (as a cash purchase) for c 12% more than when they originally released the flats. I genuinely thought i was buying from a nice reputable developer, however because the market was become stronger and stronger they found a way to get out of the deals to anyone that was not a cash buyer. Now that they have just electric heating etc, I hope the values drop to less than what they were selling, whilst I was gutted as really wanted to buy the flats, on the basis they were going to be letting and managing on my behalf, whilst I am out of pocket for c £2000, I think maybe its a bullet dodged!

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