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Charli Pane
Charli Pane
Honestly amazing!! If you're anxious this is the place to go!! I had to have a root canal that I had put off for two years (which is dumb don't do this) because I was so anxious and anti-anxiety medication was not working. I booked to have it done under sedation and when I say every member of this team I mean every member was kind and understanding and friendly. when I went in for the consult, like every grown adult, I cried for the first five minutes unable to get the words out. The doctor and nurse that I saw ( I believe Camilla and Dr Penny) were patient and lovely and let me be insane without feeling rushed until I was able to calm myself down and do the consultation. They explained what was going on and what would need to happen clearly and in detail. When I went for the actual surgery, all the members were so kind. The seditionist Bianca explained every part of the procedure and really helped calm my nerves. The dentist was kind enough to put a covid mask over my eyes so I couldn't see what was going on and I ended up going immediately to sleep. I did snore so loud I woke myself up (my fault not theirs) and subsequently had a panic attack which was handled with the upmost grace and I ended up falling back asleep. Coming back in for the post op check up the dentist and nurse I saw there (Dr Billis and Caitlin ) were super kind and he ended up unprompted noticing and fixing an issue that I had had for three years. This again was done with a lot of patience and was amazingly helpful. The reception team deserve their own mention, at every corner they were knowledgeable, kind and friendly. Obviously there's a cost of living crisis and its not as cheap as an nhs dentist but the quality is definitely worth the money. I am a student and so it was a big financial ask but the reception team talked about what financial help was available with no judgment which helped me have the option to organise my finances and be comfortable paying. So thank you for coming to my TED talk, I would wholeheartedly recommend this dentist and if there are any issues I have in the future you can bet this will be my first port of call. :)
Reply from 2024.02.23
Wow Charli, thank you for such a wonderful review! You have left no stone unturned :) We are so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful experience with us, and that our efforts to truly ensure each patient is well looked after, do not go unnoticed. We hope you are now doing really well, and look forward to seeing you in the future should you need us! The Gateway Dental Family :)

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