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Chris Kerr
Chris Kerr
My story I struggled with hair loss from a very young age 18 years old it never really bothered me until later in life. I first heard about micro scalp pigmentation in 2015. When I visited some of the leading clinics I was shocked how fake it actually looked and that put me off getting it done for many years until randomly creative scalps popped up on a search. I booked a consultation with sammy who was very welcoming and helpful. I was so scared to get it done and have people look at me like omg he has his head tattooed but sammy reassured me that it was a gradual thing and not many people notice straight away. I got the first session done and was so nervous that people would realise but I went back to work and visited my mum and dad can you believe no one realised at all even though I could see the difference. Second and third session completed and I went back to work again sitting in one of my teams briefings a colleague said Chris I thought you was bald like me but I can see you have a hairline and you can grow hair. This made my day as they could see that it had been done but couldn't see that it was not real hair. Bottom line is that if you are like me and worried about getting it done because people will look and you differently and maybe even mock you this is not the case at all I work in a environment where I interact with at least 300 people a day and no one said anything negative only positive things like you hair line is banging or maybe you should grow your hair it looks like it would be thick. Sammy is an amazing artist who makes you feel comfortable and at ease the whole time top bloke sammy this is the only place that makes smp look like real hair follicles and gives a natural shaved look I have been to many clinics before creative scalps for consultations and everyone I have seen out of those clinics looked like Lego men if you want a world class result this is the only place to go

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