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Geoff Y
Geoff Y
Getting my smp done by Marc was one of the best decisions/investments ive made for myself. After having researched for months looking at before & after pictures from artist portfolios around the world, i was happy to find that my favorite work was done by Marc who just so happened to be in the UK. I would’ve flown to see him if he was based elsewhere. Marc was professional, meticulous, and courteous from day one and put my mind at ease. You can tell he’s a true artist at heart from his sincerity and the way he works. The results after three sessions were beyond my expectations, I now have a shaved look that i can be proud of, one that is easy to maintain and I no longer feel self conscious about a receding hairline or thinning. The hairline Marc gave me is so natural looking that no one would ever doubt it isn’t real hair. In fact, after the sessions one of my close friends asked why I didn’t grow out my hair as he thought i clearly had the density and thickness for it. He never made such mentions prior the smp. Even my mum made a note about how I was better looking than usual (she wasn’t aware of the procedure). TLDR: if you’ve decided on getting smp, you’ve got to come to Creative Scalps and see Marc. Him and his friendly team will put your mind at ease and give you the best results out there. It’s a worthy investment for yourself and you can get it done properly world-class from Marc (People from all over fly to see him) You’ll literally feel and look years younger. The M in SMP might as well be Marc. Do it ,you will love it.

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