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Avoid at all costs. I have been with this practice for about 15 years. It has just recently been took over by another owner (the only dentist) in the place. I called last week due to my daughter being in agony. They couldn’t see her but called another practice to see her (kelvin smiles) who where absolutely amazing and said it was infected and she needed anti biotics and the tooth must be removed. I called back tailored smiles to have this removed and as soon as wee walked in the room her whole demeanour was horrendous. I’ve never seen anything like that before or have been treated the way she treated us. She refused point blank to take the tooth out and said “different dentists have different opinions”. I left with my daughter and phoned kelvin smiles who told me direct that tooth must come out and lucky enough got my daughter in within 30 minutes to have this tooth removed. I will be taking this as far as I can and I will not let this lie. This woman is an absolute disgrace and should not be working with children never mind the public. If I could give zero stars I would. As it will not allow me to reply to your comment I have to edit my review. YOU REPLIED THROUGH YOUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK LIKE THE COMMENT WAS NOT AIMED AT YOU. YOUR ATTITUDE WAS APPALLING AND YOU MOST CERTAINLY DID MOT GIVE THE BEST ADVICE. THE TOOTH HAS HAD NUMEROUS ISSUES IN CASES WHERE ANTIBIOTICS WHERE PRESCRIBED. SO WHY FILL IT FOR THE SAME ISSUE TO OCCUR? YOU REALLY JUST COULDN'T BE BOTHERED DOING YOUR JOB TODAY, YOU BLATANTLY TOLD ME THE TEETH WHERE UNHEALTHY SO MAKE YOUR MIND UP! KELVIN SMILES A DENTIST THAT ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT HES DOING AND HOW TO TREAT CHILDREN DONE HIS JOB CORRECTLY REMOVED BOTH TEETH AND ACTUALLY TREATED HER LIKE A CHILD. YOUR A DISGRACE AND ARE IN THE WRONG PROFESSION AND I WONT LET THIS LIE. I WILL GO ABOVE AND BEYOND TO MAKE SURE THE PEOPLE OF MARYHILL AND BEYOND AVOID YOU AT ALL COSTS AND I WILL BE REPORTING YOU TO THE HEALTH BOARD. I HAVE ALSO POSTED SCREENSHOTS ALL OVER FACEBOOK BEFORE YOU DELETED YOUR COMMENTS LOVE. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY YOU WILL HERE FROM ME AGAIN :)
Reply from 2024.02.06
Hi Lauren, I'm sorry you felt the need to post such a negative comment about our practice. The owner / principle dentist here at Tailored Smiles has many years of experience and offered you the best advice possible for your daughter. The NHS and General Dental Council rules state that under no circumstances should teeth be removed unless there is no other viable option. In her opinion, the tooth in question is saveable and we offered to carry out the correct treatment for your daughter rather than remove an otherwise healthy and viable tooth. We feel it would be such a shame to loose a tooth that could be saved with a quick and simple treatment.

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