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Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez
During my much needed stay at this detox facility I more than comfortably endured my withdrawals from alcohol. I was catered to by excellent technicians who not just do their job efficiently but with such gentleness and care that I will be forever grateful for all of their attention. Above all, the curriculum put together by the group facilitators is beyond subpar. Such material will not only allow you to reflect on one’s unresolved traumas but will set your recovery journey up for success. Over all I was completely satisfied with my stay there.
Reply from 2024.02.09
It sounds like you had a positive experience at the detox facility. The caring support from the technicians and the effective curriculum provided by the group facilitators seem to have played crucial roles in your recovery journey. It's great to hear that you feel satisfied with your stay and that it has set you up for success in your recovery.

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