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Whitney Jones
Whitney Jones
I am a professional athlete here in AZ and have sustained multiple injuries throughout my career. I was fortunate to meet Talia Fleming a few years who is with QC Kinetix and after she heard of my most recent injury last Nov she reached out to talk to me about their services and how it could help me avoid surgery yet still heal with their regenerative treatments. I am familiar with PRP but was reluctant to try it bc I had heard mixed reviews and I’ve used stem cells in surgery but never outside of the surgery itself. Talia explained how their protocol is drastically different from most anyone out there when it comes to PRO and stem cells especially with the type kits they use and using your own stem cells. It was definitely worth it to me to drop in for a consult as I was hoping to avoid another surgery since I’ve had 18 for various injuries. After doing my own research and then meeting with their team I was all in and we began that day! I’m over half way through the process and I am absolutely amazed at the progress and the expedited healing. I know my body very well and can absolutely say this treatment is no joke and 100% is true to their claims. I cannot sing their praises enough because never did I expect result like this and especially that fast. I had torn my rotator cuff, dislocated my shoulder and had a separation at the AC joint. This was the worst of the 5 shoulder injuries I’ve had yet the most expedited healing ever which is truly hard to fathom. Being able to avoid surgery and get back in action was the goal but being able to be back at it almost 100% in nearly 3 months is mind blowing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you meet with them and see what protocol they recommend for you. Surgery is expensive, PT is expensive and sometimes the surgeries don’t even get you back to where you previously were and it takes months and month to recover from that. QC Kinetix will always be my first go to if needed in the future and I’m so thankful for their help 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Reply from 2024.02.11
We're thrilled to hear about your positive experience and the progress you've made with our treatments. It's wonderful to know that our unique approach has been beneficial for you. Thank you for your feedback, Whitney! We appreciate you and are happy to help if you ever need anything else.

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