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Joanne R.
Joanne R.
Great product if you can get it **Edit After 2 wrong deliveries I received the correct order today. The chat and FB Messenger help was timely and effective. Hint, they are based in the USA, so use the live chat in the morning. The purpose of the chat is to provide customer service, just state the facts and they will do all they can to assist. I purchased Truekind® Everyday Comfort Straps Wireless Shaping Bra. It’s a great product, very comfortable I ordered 3 black 2XL Everyday Comfort Straps Wireless Shaping Bra, and twice was sent 3 Daily Comfort Wirefree (without the adjustable straps). The support chat is very helpful, however, after the 2nd wrong delivery I have been told that the adjustable strap version is no longer available, which is why I was sent an alternate product. A 2XL without the adjustable straps does not fit, so they are now sending 3XL. However, this is not the product I wanted or ordered. Though on the website at the time the 2XL black with adjustable straps was still available. I went onto the chat and politely but firmly insisted I wanted what I ordered, and that was arranged. My first delivery was fine (other than no realising the prices were in USD, not AUD. The product is excellent. Also - I too was caught out by thinking I was paying AUD, but it was USD. On my computer or ipad turned to landscape you can see the option to select currency but this is not available on phone.

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