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Graham has helped us move house twice and re-mortgage another couple of times on top of that. He has always been exceedingly helpful, and explains things in a very clear and easy to understand way for everyone involved. We've recommended him to all our friends and family and subsequently he has helped several of them buy houses too, and I know they would leave the same review. Graham is about as approachable as he could be and the one downside of him setting up independently is that post-Covid, we don't seen him face to face anymore! Highly recommended as a financial adviser.
Reply from 2024.02.21
Hi, Thank you for this nice feedback, not sure if I can publicly declare you are my top 10 favourites, always great to chat, I am happy to see you Face to Fact as I don't wear stripey shirts anymore so next renewal I can see you or come and see the Kitchen Island that Lydia is excited about. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Graham

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