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Kim Lea
Kim Lea
Absolute awful customer service when things go wrong. STAY AWAY. We spent 4.5k in Aug, car was back and forth following this and culminated in a car fire (unrelated to the major works completed apparently!) and write off within 12 days. Absolute Autos collected the car within hours and then zero contact, so we had to submit a SAR to get any response or information. Avoid at all costs.
Reply from 2024.02.26
Good afternoon kim lea i assume that you have just received the report from the RAC showing no wrong doing on our part. I totally understand this was not what you wanted to hear however the RAC report outlines that there is no proof that anything we did was the cause of your vehicle damage. Quote from RAC Report "I do acknowledge how upsetting the fire must have been for both you and your son, and I’m sorry you both went through this terrible experience, but I don’t feel Absolute Autos could’ve done anything differently which would’ve prevented this from happening" many thanks kev smiles

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