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Disappointed with the items I purchased three items from the Shapermint range. It takes a while to receive them but not overly long considering that they are based overseas. I am very disappointed with the overall quality of the Bras that I bought. The company sent a free bra extender which you can buy from well known stores for less than five dollars. After trying the Bras on I now understand why they include a bra extender. I bought two of the same bra and one of another type. The two which are the same do not have an adjustable shoulder strap. They are definitely not worth the money. I have had much better Bras in the $30 Australian dollar range bought from two particularly well known Australian stores. The Shapermint ones cost about $50 each. I have also noticed in other reviews that customers who used their credit cards to pay complained that they didn't receive items that they ordered and don't receive replies to e-mails when enquiring about their order. I used PayPal which always seems to be a safer way to go. It's amazing how you can make an item look amazing with the right lighting etc but the reality is, well, it's very different. Save your money. There really is no substitute for going into a physical store to purchase items like underwear. You need to be able to see and feel the quality not rely on advertising. Also always check whether the price is in Australian dollars. I saw that it was priced in US dollars but have seen complaints from other customers who bought from this company not realising that the cost would increase when converting into Australian dollars.

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