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Excellent breakfast buffet and staff, poor reception service + We stayed for 5 nights for my birthday and had asked for an upgrade to a Premium Room which they kindly accepted. + Breakfast was superb with a great variety of choices, quality products, lots of bakery, cooked food, fresh fruits, cereals, condiments, juices + juice pressing machine and etc. The staff at the buffet were professional and very welcoming, serving drinks and cleaning timely. There are lactose-free, sugarless and vegan-friendly food choices. + The air conditioning system is very effective and you can heat the room in a short time if you feel cold. + the hotel is clean, the halls and corridors are in beautiful white marble - The coffee machine in the room was not functioning and we talked to the reception about it: although they said they would take care of it that day, 3 day passed and nobody solved anything. One day later I called the reception and nobody followed up with the issue. - They had not put slippers in the room and we had to call and ask for them - The reception staff were rude and disregarding during check-out. We approached to check out and the bearded, long-haired man disregarded us to the left side saying “we have a problem in the system” without saying hello or asking why we approached. On the left side a young lady seemed totally confused and did not even properly speak in English to us. She sent us back to the same man who continued to push us back again to the left without asking in the first place what our concern was. Once we told him it was for checking out he asked for the room number, did a few clicks on PC and said “okay, you can leave” impolitely in a dismissive way. It was rude and disappointing for the basic service level a 4-star hotel has to offer, especially after a sojourn of 5 nights. - The hotel is not on the metro line but just one (sub)urban railway station away from metro line A. You have to take the (sub)train going just under the same building which can sometimes be tiring at the end of a long day of walking. However there are also many bus stations in front and right behind the hotel. The downside is that often buses are not on time and are not reliable. Railways and metro mostly are.

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