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Vincent Quagliariello
Vincent Quagliariello
I’ve been dealing with golfers elbow for a good 3 years now in both elbows and have been looking for something to get me over that threshold. I just felt like I had plat toed and wasn’t getting any better after physical therapy, dry needling, and even injections. Those things helped but the pain was still lingering. I didn’t want to say anything until all of my treatments were complete, but I will say that after my 3rd treatment, my elbows are feeling much better. With two more treatments to go, I feel optimistic and just happy I’m not in severe pain anymore. So is it worth it? I believe yes it is. For me it’s a quality of life issue being able to do physical activity without being in so much discomfort. Only negative; not covered by any insurance. Hopefully that’ll change with time.
Reply from 2023.10.02
Hello, Vincent! We are so happy you had a wonderful experience with us. We are always excited to provide our patients with comfort and relief from some of that day-to-day soreness. Thank you!

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