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I was reluctant to post this review, however due to my recent experience with D Prestige Contracting, I felt it was necessary. The lack of regard for the company’s quality of workmanship, as well as the customer service is quite disappointing. Communication is key and I felt after the initial work was completed, I felt like my concerns were brushed aside rather than addressed with care and consideration. It always came across like the owner was passing blame on to anyone/anything other than their own work (it is okay to admit to errors especially when they can be rectified quite easily). When I reached out recently regarding some fascia that was coming loose, instead of addressing it and providing some sort of resolution, it was a quick note that they do not service in this area anymore and advised me to follow up with someone more local. This would normally not be an issue but since their website clearly shows they service Simcoe County, I was a little taken back. I then inquired about the warranty on my siding, soffit and fascia, which I was simply brushed off to go through the manufacturer and that he only provides a “one year workmanship warranty”, which seems odd considering most companies who provide these same services have a standard 5 year warranty on workmanship. I then realized that the owner had blocked me from social media, which is quite unprofessional in my opinion. Overall, I cannot recommend this company based on my experience. It's unfortunate to see such lack of regard for workmanship from a company that presumably prides itself on quality. I would advise potential customers to thoroughly research their options and proceed with caution before engaging their services. It's a shame to see a company with such potential fall short in delivering on standard customer service needs, as well as wanting to deliver high quality on their work to better improve their reputation.

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