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Alan Regan
Alan Regan
I had interocular lenses implanted privately, in 2014, by a nationwide provider, for vision correction. After a number of years, I experienced problems with misted vision and glare. This was diagnosed in spring 2023 by Moorfields as opacification of my IOLs, a known problem with what I'd had implanted, though news to me. Mr Maurino accepted me as a patient and the IOLs were exchanged in June 2023 and January 2024. I was described by one of his team as being "in a small cohort" - there are few IOL exchanges but many IOL implantations. Mr Maurino is a UK if not a world expert at the procedure. He successfully removed the existing IOLs without damage to the capsular bag, so the new IOLs could be implanted back into the bag. His skill and dexterity were of the very highest order. He was open and honest about the risks in his consultation beforehand but his manner and reputation reassured me that exchange was the right course of action. I now have 20/20 vision needing easy readers for close work only. My thanks to him and his team, though deeply felt, are inadequate when considering what he and Moorfields have given me back.

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