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Joseph Leblanc
Joseph Leblanc
If I could give negative stars I would!! My recommendation is stay far away from this place, they’re scammers!! I had the worst experience ever. I went there to get a cpap machine (will call her ) T & a new girl who was training walked me through a options on the machine. They tell you about features of the machine & masks etc. There’s no pricing on the actual masks nor do they mention how much it is for hoses, instead they wait to hose you at the end. I mentioned that my wife has a work health plan & asked them if like the glasses store if they call and find out what my plan covers for me. T tells me they don’t do that there, which should have been my first red flag 🚩. But she proceeds to tell me that the plan should cover more than half of the costs, and I have nothing to worry about. Also they tell me that OHIP will cover around $400-450 towards the actual machine, but they didn’t inform me when OHIP does this, if it’s before or after I pay. Then we pick out a mask, and T throws out some random pricing for different masks that she kept flipping back and forth, “I think this one is $200 or maybe this model is $250”, all of which was bs and they try to get you to purchase the most expensive unit. All said and done my total comes to $775 after tax. Me thinking OHIP is going to cover $400-450 and then my plan should cover at least another half of the unit, so I would be paying $150-200 out of pocket. I pay and go home and was not told once that they don’t take returns. So I go home and proceed to call my benefits office only to find out that I have no coverage for this machine or any of the components, ie hose or mask. So I promptly call back Ontario home health to speak to T . Surprise she doesn’t answer, this was around 11:00. I wait all day and no response. They next day T calls me & I inform her that my benefits won’t cover me for any of the unit. I asked what portion OHIP covers and she informs me OHIPs part is deducted before the total I received. Meaning a mask & a heated hose is $775 after tax, Unreal! (Especially after speaking to a friend who informs me that Amazon sells the same masks for around $125-175) So I tell T that I feel really taken by this amount of $775 for a hose & mask, and I would like to return the product. Now she tells me they don’t take returns, and this is less than 24 hours after I purchased, and I didn’t use it as I wanted to get my $$ back. She proceeds to talk around the issue and tells me she’s sorry I feel screwed but that’s that. I would stay as far away from this place and there bs, you can find this product anywhere will be better service then here. Be warned It’s because of places like this that our health care costs are so high, finessing everyone. They’re the worst!
Reply from 2023.12.03
Hi Joseph - we are sorry you didn't have a good experience with Ontario Home Health. We take client complaints seriously. From looking into the file, it seems that you purchased the machine prior to checking with your private health insurance on coverage amounts. We always recommend checking on your coverage prior to a purchase. While most health insurance plans have adequate coverage, it is always important to check. On the mask return, we apologize, but are not able to return any respiratory equipment for infection control protocols. We hope that your therapy is effective and that you are able to achieve better rest and health through usage of CPAP. Best, OHH Management

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