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Sychael Lawinger
Sychael Lawinger
Best auto service we’ve found in Rockford. It’s expensive like any place around, but many things set them apart: • Trustworthy Staff: They are honest, conduct themselves well and do a great job communicating the accurate state of the vehicle. Good management, they care about the work they do and the people they serve. • Comprehensive Service: They’ve gotten the jobs we’ve needed done right and covered all the bases, making you aware of all the important components. In addition to the thorough checks they always update and share an Inspection Results profile where you can review all the mechanic notes, what was looked at. History, car info, etc. Definitely the best system and service we’ve ever gotten. • Transparent: They’re honest with what’s urgent and what’s honestly not priority. They check in with you before doing a bunch of work and tacking on costs they didn’t warn you of.
Reply from 2023.11.02
Michael and Sylvia, thanks for the incredible feedback! It means so much to us that you are trusting us to care for your vehicle and be able to make sure we keep that Cruze running for a long time. We highly value giving you an incredible experience any and every time you deal with our team! Thanks so much for acknowledging our trustworthy, honest and comprehensive process. Your words mean the world to us and were looking forward to many opportunities to give you extravagantly great service in the future.

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