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Chloe A.
Chloe A.
Support and service are equally lacking I tried in vain to cancel the order after it being charged in US but shown in AU prices, but due to a '1 hr cancellation' policy I wasn't able to. Products arrived (2 x truekind bras) and they were the least supportive and most stretchy material I have encountered for a bra in my life. You may as well not wear anything - it might be OK if you have an A cup, but beyond that it's pointless. I have since processed a return, and if the refund is actually made, at least I will get my money back (otherwise I will have to dispute it through PayPal). - Terrible service - agents were rude and condescending - Terrible product - wouldn't even bother donating or giving it away, it's only good for rags - Terrible website UX - deceptively designed to make you feel like you're getting a bargain, when they will end up effectively overcharging you

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