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Delly King
Delly King
Looking for an acupuncturist is a very personal choice & I'm so glad to have found Maria! Her caring & attentive nature makes me feel at ease during my sessions & I’ve had wonderful results. Combining acupuncture & herbs she always explains the treatments & why she is using them & this is so beneficial to understand the results you start to feel. Through my continuous treatments I have reaped the rewards of getting my body back to functioning the way it should be after years of suffering with conditions & with improvement on the way I think & feel about the stresses of daily life. Her outlook has a positive impact on my sessions & I always look forward to the next one. Maria will always go above & beyond & has always been there to contact even when I haven't had an appointment. Her wealth of knowledge is always shared so my understanding of why I have experienced symptoms in the past finally makes sense & she guides me through each treatment with this knowledge.

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