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Y. S.
Y. S.
My husband and I were thinking of refinancing our home. On 03/04/2024 We spoke to a Mr. **. After an hour or so he stated we had to pay 25.00 to lock in the rate, and 495.00 for appraisal. We paid the 25.00 with debit card and he would take out the 495.00 on 03/10/2024. After my husband and I discussed it further we decided refinancing wasn't the way to go at this time. On 03/05/2024 my husband contacted Mr. ** and stopped all process for a refinance. We still had messages from Loan Depot trying to get us to go forward, which my husband very politely declined. On 03/13/2024 we were unable to get cash out of the account due to a negative bal, which was because loanDepot took out 495.00 for the appraisal which made us overdraw and have several large fees making the account more negative. We have talked to several people in customer service, which is a waste of time. So were out 515.00 +nsf fees. Supposedly they are suppose to refund it which we have not seen yet. So don't even give them any second of your time. Not worth the Headache!!!!

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