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Kenny Dawes
Kenny Dawes
After more than a year working with my therapist here, I was dismissed for attempting to answer a payment question. I had a heavy burden on my plate and had missed an appointment. My therapist, at that point, had convinced me to see her twice a week. For many of us, seeing a therapist even once a week may be cost-prohibitive or impossible given our busy schedules. I still attempted to make this work based on her guidance. I asked to speak to the director to determine if it was the company’s policy or my therapist’s to charge me regardless of the reason behind missing the appointment. I simply wanted to gain more insight as I had felt I made a heavy investment to this company in money and time. I was told by my therapist that we could no longer work together and given referrals to therapists who were not accepting new patients. I have not returned to therapy again because of this horrible experience. Other reviews appear to be written by colleagues and other industry professionals. This does not represent the experience had by patients at this practice. This, in itself, is a deceptive business practice, and patients should wonder whether many of these “5 star” reviews are, in fact, solicited. If you search their names, you will see that many of these reviews are written by other therapists, some of whom work or are affiliated with Depth. UPDATE: After checking many of the 5 star reviews here, I can confirm that most, if not all, are written by affiliates and clinicians. Feel free to search and see the same. In fact, for many of these reviewers, this is their only review. Highly deceptive use of Google reviews and most certainly a conflict of interest.
Reply from 2024.03.28
Dear Kenny, I am sorry for your negative experience and for what I can see was a painful misunderstanding. We do refer clients to other services when we feel that they need something different from what we provide (psychodynamic psychotherapy). That said, we never terminate with a patient for asking a question about payment. We consider this a normal and routine part of the therapeutic dialogue. I am sorry again for the pain caused by this seeming miscommunication. The American Counseling Association, among other affiliates, considers it unethical for a psychotherapist to solicit reviews (positive or negative) from their clients. While clients are certainly free to leave a review, we do not engage in this practice. We do, however, follow industry guidelines by inviting respected colleagues to share their experience of us. We are proud to have such a strong reputation among clinicians in the psychodynamic community. Sincerely, Greg Rizzolo Clinic Director

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