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Nicole Kaggia
Nicole Kaggia
I work for a medium-sized online publication in Nairobi, and top management hired this company to strengthen the website's online clout. Management decided that getting expertise from outside the company could help us deal with some technical issues that I, an in-house specialist, believed were holding the site back. I worked directly with Mehul , and I picked quite a few pieces of useful SEO ''tricks' from him. I can't reveal the actual numbers here for obvious reasons, but the company's reach and revenue did improve quite a bit after the 6-month contract. Also, I've leaned lots of stuff they never taught us at journalism school as well as many that I'd never heard o f in my career as a journalist-cum-online marketer. Overall, it was a win for everyone involved. Any cons? Well, my employer has deep pockets to hire the best SEO services out there. I'm not sure this is the company to reach out to if you're in a bind financially. Mehul says they can help anyone but not everyone. I agree! Nicole, Journalist, Nairobi.
Reply from 2024.04.04
Nicole, we are here to serve and add value to those that understand the amount of due diligence and meticulous attention that is needed for SEO to succeed. SEO is a true investment that is sustainable and keeps on giving for years & years. We are happy to have helped you achieved your goals. We are truly grateful and humbled by your kind words!

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