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Irina S
Irina S
Offers at the discounted price do not correspond to what the hotel is charging We stayed 4 nights in Radisson Blu GHR Hotel in Rome, unfortunately are not really happy with the experience. I have the Radisson Rewards account, the respective app is active in my phone. Prior to our trip I have received different offers to email and in this app from Radisson to prepare my stay by enhancing this. I have accepted 2 of those offers: early check-in at 12:00 and the relaxing massage in the hotel at the discounted price of 60 EUR instead of the regular price of 90 EUR. 1 day before arrival I have received the email from customer service department of the hotel with the confirmation of the massage for the selected date / time at the regular price of 90 EUR. After my clarification to them, sent via email as response, that this was an offer at the discounted price of 60 EUR, first I was told that "we inform you that 60 is the duration of the massage, 60 minutes, not the price. If you wish to cancel the service we wait for your replay soon". Then I sent the cancelation but requested the investigation why this is happening that the hotel is not aware of the offers sent to the customers? There was a reply to provide them the screens or other evidence of this offer. Unfortunately this is not possible unless you saved the initial offer screen - cause once you follow the link to accept the offer, it is no longer visible. I explained this, no reply. Upon my arrival to the hotel, I raised the same question at the reception, I talked to the manager even, and there was no any reply again just referring to some confusions at customer service. I see in this Radisson rewards app different offers at the discounted price - once you click to accept this, this is added to the estimated additional fees of your stay but the hotel seems to have no clue what it is and charge a different price. I can understand that there might be mistakes and confusions, but in this case no one was really interested to investigate what happened. The offers are leading to confusion and frustration.

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