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Pat F
Pat F
Unacceptable Avoid. The temperature in our cramped room never got below 25 C and often was 25 .5 (77-78 F). Called down before we went to sleep the first night. We were told that the individual controls in the room didn't work, but they would adjust something in the system to make it cooler. There was no change at all. Mentioned it the front desk first thing the next morning. With a concerned smile it was explained that the fellow the night before didn't adjust the system right, but now it would be taken care of. It was the same drill the next evening, always with an explanation about how the system was not designed to cool the room in the winter. I tried to explain that whatever the problem with the system, it was not acceptable to charge 4-star prices for a room that was too hot to sleep in comfortably. On the third night, night manager Giampierro apologized that he had been off the previous two nights and came to our room to set the thermostat himself. He was the first person to act as if he took our concern seriously. But still no relief, except from the fan that I had repeatedly asked for and finally was arranged by Patrik at the front desk. I expressed my displeasure again on our departure morning. Deskman started again about the excuse of how the system is programmed for winter, failing to acknowledge fundamental issue that 77 F is uncomfortable for sleeping in a purported 4-star hotel. I asked for an adjustment on the bill, but was declined because we brooked through a third party broker. At my insistence, they finally dropped the lunch and bar charge we had on the room. Something, but not adequate. (Restaurant manager Fabrizio was kind and professional.)

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