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Peter Neville
Peter Neville
Well, I called to rectify an order problem. One of the coworkers there in the back decided to have questionable language when I called to complain the c e o of the company which had literally no compassion for the people that he supplies Services too just decided to get abrupt himself. Not deal with the matter at hand pass the buck off and have little or no understanding of what people go through on a timely basis when they need medical supplyes He has since banned this patient from getting any kind of service from ontario one Home health My problem is with the CEO. He had little or no concern or compassion on how his employees treet patients. and or Customers they didn't seem to care at all. And there was no reprimand for the woman that decided to be rude. vulgar and foul mouth. I would recommend looking into other avenues to getting supplies. Because, as soon as you complain or show any kind of concern, they blatantly take the side of the employee with no proof and banned the customer altogether with no proof thus leaving the cliento and or customers to fend for themselves. To find supplies now I see that a lot of these Reviews are positive. I find it very hard to believe. It looks a little fictitious to meaning doing some research. And looking at the posts in question, I find out that a lot of these posts are Employees of the company which are not giving you a true understending on how they communicate and run their business. And as soon as you have a complaint they dismiss it all together Drag you over the coals and Barade you Not the kind of company I'm looking for I really don't think anybody is looking for this kind of company to put you down and to be spoken to in such manner in other words, warning do your homework. There are other companies out there. Supply companies that don't treat the customers like this. Well as far as harassment Go sir we're just the customer trying to rectify an issue what kind of harassment is it when somebody's calling you to fix a problem that you could not facilitate you sit there and said on the phone that you wish it was recorded for quality assurance your employees questionable language see part of the problem is with companies like yours is you can't take a complaint without trying to make it sound like something it's not calling it harassment now if you can prove harassment that would be greatly appreciated if you could articulate that which you cannot you were the one that got abrupt on the phone while a caregiver is trying to caregiver for a patient and facilitate coordinate and set up help on a timely basis you did not give any care to what anybody was saying me or the patient you blatantly got foul mouth yourself and I wasn't putting up with it at which time I advised you to get off my phone and stop being a telephone tough guy it's unfortunate that you're a bully full of yourself and scared to take action against your employees when they are verbally abusive to a caregiver and or patient nobody needs to deal with that kind of language from you or your employees just goes to show what kind of Boss you are because you condone such employees with language that was spoken to myself and the patient you should be ashamed of yourself for claiming to be the victim here when you are the one that has victimized a sick and dying woman shame on you warning do not go to this place look for other avenues or expect to have the same kind of abusive language and fictitious allegations of harassment I would even give this store a one-star beware
Reply from 2024.01.22
Hi Peter - we always work to prioritize our clients, especially when they are in a time of need. In this case, our team did their best to try and find the right product that would work for the need. With that said - we are a zero tolerance company for harassment. When a client swears and threatens our team, our services won't continue. Our front line employees deal with vulnerable clients and challenging situations, which is not always an easy job. As such there is no acceptance for harassment. We wish you the best in finding the right solution for your needs.

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